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Yes all truths! I really like you now! I couldn't stand you before but I'm warming up to you! This company talks out of both sides of their mouth! We have had that exact same problem in mke. But what the heck! As long as you pleasure the tm the way he wants you get what you want! Just like our office lady who brings him a drink everyday from McDonald's! It must be her hairy upper lip he likes rubbed on his hog
Let’s touch on the cameras some. This is where things really go wrong and tractor assignments come into play. All the senior drivers grab the older units that don’t have the cameras. None of the trainers have DriveCam units. They are assigned older units that aren’t equipped with DriveCam. They drive around using their Bluetooths and chatting away in full view for all to see. Again, some must play by the rules while others skate. There’s a lot of life left in some of the older units without cameras so this will continue to go on until those tractors are retired. In the meantime the guys that are stuck in the DriveCam units get continuous coaching and continuous harassment with pity BS. They are held to a completely different standard. A double standard. Just more inequity. The SAIA way.
It’s really funny to me to read this. You’ve always been a company cheerleader and staunchly anti union yet all these gripes can be remedied by unions. BTW I’m not here trying to start an organizing campaign l, I understand the reality is that’s not gonna happen. Back to my point, we bid trucks, forklifts, even parking or seating arrangements are deferential to seniority. Hell when I started the guys on inbound would sleep on lunch and the top two guys got the tables to roll their sleeping bags out on, the rest of us had to sleep on the floor. We have cameras with the inward looking lenses blocked and the company is not allowed to use electronic surveillance for disciplinary actions anyway and that also includes gps as well per our contract.
SAIA also wants to become involved in law enforcement as well. They want to supersede what the DOT says is legal. BLUETOOTHS! It’s pretty frustrating when every major LTL company allows them but SAIA says no. SAIA is not part of law enforcement. They want to hold us to a higher standard. What the :censored: ever! I’m so glad I managed my money well so I no longer have to put up with this unacceptable behavior.
Yet the Bluetooth policy was is place when you hired on.
Yes, but it wasn’t enforced. Now they nitpick almost everything. They must justify the cost of DriveCam.
It was enforced, if you were caught. Nowadays its easier to catch you with the drivecams. That is if you are one of the lucky ones to have a truck with the camera !
Ohhh that's a good one right there.
Amen to that! Let's talk damages! I can't tell you the amount of freight I see getting demolished on the dock everyday! Recouping is a lost art! City delivery double stacked on fragile freight along with all the return freight we have because of our horrible routing guy. But that's okay because he works on the terminal managers car. Oops did I say that?
It was enforced, if you were caught. Nowadays its easier to catch you with the drivecams. That is if you are one of the lucky ones to have a truck with the camera !
I watched managers just look the other way. It was not enforced. Well, except maybe those that were on their ::shit:: list. Now it’s caught on video so they have no choice.
Where I go from here needs some thought. I could give first names and call some people out for bad behavior but I’m leaning against that. I’ll be doing some early morning fishing this week so I will decide the direction I want to go. As of now I’m leaning toward disclosing some sales representatives that really weren’t engaged enough with the drivers. They rarely were involved in pre-shift meetings to discuss certain issues that were extremely important in retaining customers. I watched so many of our customers walk because of their lack of engagement. I may step back awhile to get some others input as well. I have a lot of information to get out but I need others to be involved as well.
One of the biggest problems with this company is no accountability. Managers would hold pre-shift meetings to address issues and certain things that aren’t acceptable. Yet, drivers go out that very day and ignore what they were told. Many managers are simply afraid to confront drivers and say WTF. Are you deaf? Didn’t you just hear what you were told yesterday. Many are their buddies while others are just big (6’8”) and very intimidating. They just can’t stay on top of things because I believe they are just overwhelmed and at times overworked. Perhaps there is some level of incompetence. But that’s another story for a different day. These problems aren’t exclusive to just SAIA. It’s a universal problem within the LTL industry. We need some creative thinkers. Someone to think outside the box. Actually someone like me. Of course we all know that’s not going to happen. I had so many solutions to so many problems here but no one cared to listen. Not my problem anymore. You don’t spend 45 years in LTL and not learn a thing or two from an operational standpoint. I was on the ground engaged with customers and had a clear vision of why things weren’t working. I guess you have a clearer view sitting behind a computer screen crunching numbers and placing blame. And they wonder why apathy has become part of the SAIA culture. Apathy on both sides of the fence. Management and labor are starting to just not care. And honestly I don’t think corporate has a clue.
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I'd like to call out the cgo regional manager. Nowthere is a guy filled to the brim with filling up people with his little rodeo events trying to build morale. When the fact is he is one of the biggest reasons why cgo is a complete disaster. He is followed around by the HR department with her red hair so close to his a** that if he stops suddenly they're going to have to remove her head from his *SS.
I first hand seen what should've been a dismantle of the mke terminal after a huge security breech and possible theft along with a dock workers kids playing soccer in the parking lot while he drove the yard dog around moving pup trailers. They even caught all this by private security hiding in the parking lot across the street. Then they found multiple trailers with lost and damaged freight filled from front to back. Even watched the regional manager on with rubber gloves on and yet everyone kept their job. Simply simply amazing. Last but not least let's not forget the two pallets of Dell computer labtops nobody could answer for!!!!!! All the food that went into the dock guys car. The toys the office lady took and the other items I see daily still walking out! But this company is just the best ever! We care we share my a**
was this recent? And did the assclown in the yard have "latino heat" embroidered into his uniform?
was this recent? And did the assclown in the yard have "latino heat" embroidered into his uniform?
Nope this was a few years back. He is also the routing guy and tm's personal mechanic However if you know the tm personally you can be a fairly new hire with fantastic start times. But since we lost Starbucks 5-6 guys a day off missing tons of pick ups
was this recent? And did the assclown in the yard have "latino heat" embroidered into his uniform?
Yes he does have "Latino heat " on his shirt and gloves he hand writes it on his gloves. He is a pos! I still wonder how they would've explained it to OSHA had he ridden one of them over by accident!
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Well, since I’ve received a few personal phone calls telling me everyone knows who I am I feel compelled to say who gives a ****. Many knew who I was when I first started working here and knew I was just towing the company line. I’m a very private man because I’ve learned you can trust very few people in business. Managers just patronize you for the most part. And many co-workers are just back-stabbers. Over the years I’ve taken pictures and have made numerous recordings in meetings knowing that some day I would leave. SAIA has helped me finance my other opportunities so I will limit what I disclose for now out of some measure of respect and gratitude. Despite having a differing opinion of how this company operates on certain issues. I realize nothing will change. I’m gone and forgotten. I’m insignificant in the big picture. I understand that better than most. But every single employee here is insignificant but they just don’t know it. They buy what they are being sold. That’s why over the years I have constantly preached get out of debt and stay out of debt. You have many more opportunities come your way if you’re not drowning in debt. Most don’t understand they are an expendable asset and could be terminated in a New York minute no matter how important you think your job is. No matter how good you are. No one is indispensable. My parents allowed me the opportunity to chart my own course. My father taught me to save and spend my money wisely. Your parents are the ones that gave you life. Your family are the ones you gave life to. Your Brothers and Sisters and Sons and Daughters ... Your Aunts and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews. That’s family! Not some company on Wall Street. It might be a good idea if you remember that. SAIA IS NOT FAMILY!
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Every employee needs to fully understand that they are just like a truck, trailer, etc...the company “bought” (hired) you to perform a certain task. Once you either: don’t perform that task, or are no longer are cut loose. It is strictly a numbers game. Corporate doesn’t care one bit about you, your family, your life. They only care about how the numbers come out on the balance sheet. This is a harsh reality. They will never admit fault, wrongdoing, or missteps. Crap rolls downhill, and drivers (at Saia especially) are at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Is that an ideal situation? Maybe not, but the company hopes it is more acceptable through compensation. Ideally, you would be compensated and treated well. That generally only exists in smaller companies or private companies. Saia is neither.

Train...I applaud you for beginning this thread and continuing to post. I would not care one bit about phone calls or any other opinions to the contrary of your posts. Generally the truth hurts, and I suspect that is the case.