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And therein lies the problem. The thumpers that think that their way is "the light and the only way" are judgmental of others that choose not to believe the myth or believe the truth to be different. I see it on full display on here, on FB and Ieven see it written on bathroom walls; little pamphlets lying around here and there. It is offensive as hell to me.

You enjoy your relationship and I'll enjoy mine. I enjoy my life far too much to feel that everything that I do requires being done through the prism of a "relationship". It's simply false hope. I'm not going to judge you but by the same token don't feel like you are given any right to judge others. Go to pass-the-plate palooza and sing and pray your heart out. I refuse to subject myself to it.
.36 a mile, First Fleet can afford to roll.
How is it that .36 per mile gives them the carte blanc to "roll"? AE is 12-14% below our competition in pay scale and I have them blowing my doors off every night. Pay rate should have nothing to do with it.
"offensive as hell to me" should prove to you that's there is truth to you that a God loves you. If it was false hope I believe you would laugh it off and ignore us. But please remember as for me and my comments, they come from a friends heart who has no choice but to pray for you and offer a hope for you that would rock your world with a peace that reaches anyone's understanding. I can speak from personal experience, politics don't concern me, I enter the booth prayed up and knowing what my Bible says on the issues, therefore I don't worry or stress out over it, and definitely don't watch the news channels. My job that God blessed me with here at Averitt is completely fulfilling, I have everything I need and want and love my job. He has blessed me with a awesome loving supportive wife and two boys who love the Lord. All these things come from a joy that is anchored in Christ, happiness comes and goes, but the joy I have in my heart and soul makes everyday sweeter than the day before. I apologize if my testimony for God offends you, that is never my intent. But the Gospel is good news, and I can't keep good news quiet. Imagine if you were the 1st person to find out in November that your Mitt Romney had won and you sat in your truck and didn't call a soul and share the good news, well that news is peanuts compared to the good news of the Gospel, it must be shared too :)
I agree, I dont like religion either. By definition its mans way to get to God. It cant be done. But truth comes from somewhere and I would ask U to think about that. Its the most important thing U will ever consider. Not preaching just asking U to think about it.
I use to wonder why I was here and for what purpose now I know and understand and have peace about it. You may never agree with me and that's ok but I know you've thought of these questions on your own but have U found the answer?

I don't like being preached to. There is the way you think and the way I think. Just because you believe a certain way does not make it right or the only way. It may be the only way for you.

Organized religion is BS in my opinion.
BTW not judging U either. One of my good friends is a non-believer too and we will never agree on this and I dont even bring it up with him anymore but he knows where I stand and I know where he stands but we are still friends. So dont take me the wrong way. Have a good one!
Goat, the only way I like to mix the words Christianity and religion together is to explain that Christianity is the only religion known to man where God seeks us, all others are a result of people seeking their god, small "g", working to please, knocking on a certain amount of doors etc."Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places, even as he chose us in him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and blameless before him. In love he predestined us for adoption as sons through Jesus Christ, according to the purpose of his will." Ephesians 1:3-5
True True, the word Christian comes from a word that means little Christ. It was not a compliment at the time but it is a true depiction of what we are to be about. To be like Christ. Sometimes hard to do since we arn't perfect as He was but not impossible either.
Also something that is different about being a follower of Christ and the rest is that all other "religions" are works based. You have to do something to make it to heaven. Christ did it all. It is finished! That's why even a thief on the cross was able to accept and believe on Christ and Jesus told him "today you will be with me in Paradise." Nothing else was needed.
I'm currently fighting cancer and I'm learning that He is "able to do all things" all we have to do is believe and trust Him. It's through that belief that faith that He will respond to us in our deepest need. He is so Good!!! :-) thanks for being a witness.
Fact is the majority of TL carriers pay do not pay hub miles. I believe this would be a non issue if TL would run from customer to customer like they are designed to do, verses pulling LTL freight and being thrown in the mix with Shuttle drivers. Not trying to be rude or arrogant, just stating the facts.
Most of the decent T/L outfits are paying practical miles...as far as LTL freight,we pull the overage and the LTL that shuttle dispatch does not want...for instance,this week I did a 2130-2230 LOU-FUL,0600-0700 delvr,425paid. They sched all this between 0800-0900hrs CST.
Fact is the majority of TL carriers pay do not pay hub miles. I believe this would be a non issue if TL would run from customer to customer like they are designed to do, verses pulling LTL freight and being thrown in the mix with Shuttle drivers. Not trying to be rude or arrogant, just stating the facts.
What do you mean exactly by not "being thrown in the mix with shuttle drivers"? Do you mean if they are kept ignorant of the fact of the blatant pay discrepancy they would quit complaining and be happy?

Secondly, I don't know if anyone pays hub miles anymore and it doesn't sound like you understand what that term means. For all intents and purposes, shuttle is paid nearly on the money which works out to actual miles in most cases. But unless you are turning in your odometer reading at the beginning and ending of each trip, you are not being paid actual miles per se. To take it a step further, I haven't seen a hubometer in years, much less one on any Averitt equipment.

It seems you have had a change of heart on the issue of TL pulling LTL. I clearly remember the example you gave a few years ago of KNX pulling three loads to GBO every night. When return freight got slow, one truck came back empty and eventually it became practical to give third load to TL.

The other example you gave was the 10% return rate on Florida freight and how it made more sense to send TL trucks down there, especially to MIA.

To segregate us like you wish would mean operating like Estes and others running LTL sleepers and doing laydowns on trips too long to turn in 11 hours.
Ok, to clarify my thoughts, I get paid 573 to NIL, my odometer reads 573, so "actual" miles must be the word I'm looking for. Then the statement "being thrown in the mix", A TL driver stands in dispatch and says "How are we routed to "___________" ? I say "______", they say why are we paid "__" and you are paid "__", we are both pulling LTL loads. If TL didn't pull LTL loads we wouldn't have had that conversation. But yes I still see Corp's reasoning for using TL for one way mile runs, doesn't mean I like seeing our guys work the dock while TL, sometimes ungrateful and mad, pull those loads.
I've seen more and more sleeper shuttle teams,....lately rather having them run mt out of Mia,theyare having them stop by Domino's Sugar in SouthBay and grab a load heading north.....talk about being UNHAPPY......as far as pulling LTL shuttle freight...I pull what I'm dispatched on,could care less if a LTL driver is sitting at home.
sometimes ungrateful and mad
Oh, I get it now. Not enough gratitude for doing the same work for a nickel less per mile and tying up two days on a ten hour run like in jeepman's scenario in the above post. Unload bright and early with a full night's sleep to learn you have all day to loaf around (unpaid) and hopefully grab a nap. After running through the night you sit through a mandatory break and hope there are some scraps left over to keep you from laying over another night.
There is still bad blood between LTL and T/L concerning Shuttle freight...here is a example..
I had a LTL from LOU-FUL,P/U between 2130-2230,delvr 0600-0700,425miles. At 2115 I go over to dispatch and ask about the load...he looks at his screen and says it's still being loaded,come back at 2230....sooo at 2215 I go back...he says it's ready...paperwork is at the dock stand...soooo I go over to the dock stand,get the paperwork.....the load CLOSED at 2000,2100 my time....I go back to dispatch ,ask him to make a copy of the manifest..all he does is **** and moan,about T/L people. That person is a *****,purposely told me the load was not closed out,so I would have to wait and bust my butt to delvr ontime. This is not the only thing I observed at LOU this week to make me shake my head. Ice...don't be so hard on the T/L people...we have a massive amount of people that are new here and don't know the "ROPES"!
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