The Big R

When did Roadway go to doubles for linehaul? Where I grew up they had a satellite terminal north of Milwaukee (Germantown). All I remember was the shuttle guys pulling pups and the p&d guys with vans.
Here’s a backdrop manifold in action. Way better in person. Way better loaded, but for anyone who hasn’t heard one, just thank the good Lord up above Cummins didn’t invent this until after Francis Scott Key wrote his song. Our national anthem would be this otherwise.

That thing would sound great pulling a mountain.
Might as well post this picture again of Roadway Albuquerque's first

The dock was flatbed trailers chained together with a roof that covered about three quarters of the dock. The terminal office was an old office trailer that was set up next to the dock. This is where I started as a casual in 1981.
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You will have no excuse for not hearing what you are told to do now. Now when you are told to 'Go Fix It' you can't say you thought she said to 'Go Fishing'.
I have been accused of having selective hearing.
Welcome to the club!
I hope Tri doesn't forget to pretrip, I think his chain is slack!
It has to have some slack Breeze. Don't you remember the mechanical department briefings we got when these chain drive trucks first arrived to replace the steamers? Geez, how quickly they forget! :idunno:

PS - If you rode a motorcycle you'd know you have to have some slack in the chain. :smile new:
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