Truck Driving Championships aka "TDC"

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    Arizona State results

    Congratulations to our champions. #aztdc

    Class Champions:

    Step Van, Sean Saxon, FedEx Ground;

    Straight Truck, Robert Gordon, XPO Logistics;

    3 Axle, Martin Orozco, FedEx Freight, Inc.;

    4 Axle, David Coffel, FedEx Express;

    5 Axle, Jose Orozco, XPO Logistics;

    Flatbed, Steven Smalley, ABF Freight System; T

    anker, Ina Daly, XPO Logistics;

    5 Axle Sleeper, Tramel Caldwell, Shamrock Foods Company;

    Twins, and Toby Fierros, ABF Freight System.

    Other Awards:
    Best Skills/Driving - High Course Score: Steven Smalley, ABF Freight System
    Best Pre-Trip: Andre Orozco, FedEx Freight, Inc.
    David Messmer Rookie of the Year: Louie Barrera, Shamrock Food Company

    Overall Grand Champion: Steven Smalley, ABF Freight System
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    Don't forget that you have a thread for this up top, I can move this stuff over there for you.
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    I thought that was for last year... After further review, I see that it clearly states " about past and upcoming TDC championships".

    Good catch. Feel free to combine them. :1036316054:

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    South Carolina Winners

    Straight Truck: Mark Putnam -Old Dominion Freight Lines.
    Step Van: Billy Richard - Walmart Transportation
    Three Axle: John Cook - UPS Freight
    Four Axle: Steve Ward - FedEx Express
    Five Axle: Ken Smith - Old Dominion
    Sleeper: James Belcher - UPS Freight
    Twins: Ronnie Luckadoo - UPS Freight
    Tanker: Benny Yearty - TCW Transportation
    Flatbed: Frannk Flynn - WARL & Sons

    High Written Test: Ralph Hamilton - Old Dominion

    Vehicle Condition Award: Steve Newsome - UPS Freight

    Rookie Of The Year: Benny Yearty - TCW Transportation

    Grand Champion: Ken Smith - Old Dominion.
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    South Carolina (CORRECTION):

    Seems that after awards were presented & scores were released, an error in the scoring was found. Ouch for Mr. Cook. Congrats to Mr Hamilton.

    Three Axle: *EDIT* Ralph Hamilton- Old Dominion
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    TENNESSEE 2017:

    Step Van...1st....Adam Rude...FedEx Ground
    2nd....Darrell Kriminger....FedEx Ground
    3rd....Louis Erwin....FedEx Freight

    Straight Truck....1st...James Sheehan...FedEx Ground
    2nd....Christopher Rheaume..Martin-Brower
    3rd...Richard Adams....Walmart

    3 axle.....1st....Josh Dopp....UPS Freight
    2nd..David Magee...FedEx Freight
    3rd...Gary Luster....FedEx Freight

    4 axle....1st...Gary Helms...Covenant...Rookie of the Year
    2nd...Joe Slusher...UPS Freight
    3rd...Bryan Rosasco....AAA Cooper

    5 axle Van....1st...Thomas Vandivort...Martin-Brower
    2nd...Terrance Weatherby...UPS Freight
    3rd...Daniel Huffine....FedEx Freight

    Flatbed....1st Devin Rackley...Averitt Express
    2nd...Hank Goins....XPO Logistics
    3rd...Brian Coffey....TCW, INC....PRE-TRIP AWARD

    Tanker....1st...Jeff Stinson....FedEx Freight
    2nd...Mark Copas....FedEx Freight
    3rd...Jason Miller....Old Dominion

    Twins.....1st...Aaron Isbell...UPS Freight
    2nd...Mick Galbraith....XPO Logistics
    3rd...Phil Shelton.....Walmart

    Sleeper....1st....Brian Hall....Old Dominion
    2nd...Thomas Seeley....Martin-Brower
    3rd...David Weldon....Walmart
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    New Mexico:

    2017 Truck Driving Champions

    Overall Grand Champion: Parcell James, FedEx Freight

    Rookie of the Year: Rick Voeks, UPS Freight

    Overall Team Champions: XPO Logistics

    2017 - Truck Driver Championships

    First Place Winners

    Straight Truck: Chris Shaw, FedEx Express

    3-Axle: Dion A. Saiz, FedEx Freight

    4-Axle: Parcell James, FedEx Freight

    5-Axle: Daniel Bruch, FedEx Freight

    5-Axle Sleeper: Michael McAfee, YRC Freight

    Flatbed: Carlos Sandoval, XPO Logistics

    Tanker: Joe Bernal, FedEx Freight

    Twin Trailers: Steven Russel, ABF Freight

    Step Van: Daniel A. Amador, FedEx Ground

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    GEORGIA State Truck Driving Championships 2017 Results:

    Straight Truck...
    1. Joe Bertini / FedEx
    2. John Ingle / AAA Cooper
    3. Doug Austin / Martin-Brower

    3 Axle Van...
    1. Pete McGuire / Walmart
    2. Mike Britt / UPS Freight
    3. Tim Taylor / FedEx Freight

    4 Axle Van...
    1. Matt Aubrey / Walmart
    2. Tony Johnson / Frito-Lay
    3. Justin Grostefon / UPS Freight

    5 Axle Van
    1. William Shepherd / Southeastern
    2. Tim McEweney / ABF
    3. Keith Cook / UPS Freight

    1. James Mills / AAA Cooper
    2. Chuck Pearson / ABF
    3. Richard Eubanks / Old Dominion

    1. Glenn Morris / FedEx Freight
    2. Marty Moseley / Atlas Logistics
    3. Robbie Scott / Walmart

    1. David Chandler / FedEx Freight
    2. James Shaw / Old Dominion
    3. Bo White / Southeastern

    1. Herschel Evans / Holland, Inc
    2. Colt Bowerman / Margin Logistics
    3. Brent Darnell / Southeastern

    Pre-trip.....Colt Bowerman / Margin Logistics

    Rookie of the Year.....Derrick Welch / AAA Cooper

    Large Team Trophy......UPS Freight

    Small Team Trophy.....Holland, Inc

    Written Exam.....100 % Tim McEweney / ABF

    Driver of the Year.....Leonard Dills / Atlas Logistics

    Grand Champion......Matt Aubrey / Walmart
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    2017 Maine State Truck Driving Championships Results

    Straight Truck
    1 – Butch Buzzell Walmart Transportation
    2 – David Gerding Irving Oil Terminals
    3 – James Hannigan Pottle’s Transportation

    3-Axle Van
    1 – Richard Roghelia FedEx Freight
    2 – Kevin Duran, Sr. Hannaford / Delhaize America
    3 – Tony Saucier Walmart Transportation

    4-Axle Van
    1 – Tony Archambault Walmart Transportation
    2 – Rick Magnuson Hannaford / Delhaize America
    3 – Jesse Moore Old Dominion

    5-Axle Van
    1 – Jack Roussel PAF Transportation
    2 – James Vatter A. Duie Pyle, Inc.
    3 – Josh White Central Maine Transport

    1 – Daniel Bell Chapman Trucking
    2 – Scott Phillips WT Rand Transport LLC
    3 – Cory York WT Rand Transport LLC

    1 – Ronald Round Pottle’s Transportation
    2 – Alan Grindle Irving Oil Terminals
    3 – Dave Gagne Walmart Transportation

    1 – Steven Raymond RF Chamberland, Inc.
    2 – Gregg Wickett Hartt Transportation Systems
    3 – Bryan Young Walmart Transportation

    Twin Trailers
    1 – Robert Pederson FedEx Freight
    2 – Dave Roberts Walmart Transportation
    3 – Donald Fortin, Sr. Hannaford / Delhaize America

    Step Van
    1 – Scott Wickstrom FedEx Express
    2 – Robert Cochran FedEx Express
    3 – Jeff Thoms FedEx Ground

    Special Award Winners
    Grand Champion Jack Roussel PAF Transportation

    Rookie of the Year Matthew Conklin J & S Oil

    Pre Trip Inspection Butch Buzzell Walmart Transportation

    Written Test Rick Magnuson Hannaford / Delhaize America

    Team Award WT Rand Transport LLC
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    2017 Ohio results...
    3 axle.
    1st. Richard thatcher. YRC
    2nd. John free xpo
    3rd. Curt laughman odfl

    4 axle.
    1 st. Jeff pentrack Pitt Ohio
    2nd roger Anderson..abf
    3rd. Brett brunkenhoefer. Fed x frt

    5 axle.
    1 st. Jeff mefford. YRC
    2 nd. Ritchie bowman. Pitt Ohio
    3 Rd. Brian Wallner. Abf

    1 st. Russell Simpson Holland
    2 nd. Randy Moore best specialized
    3 Rd. Robert knight. Abf

    1. Merle asbaugh ups freight
    2. Michael Jackson Pitt Ohio
    3. Steve brand Fed x frt

    Step van.
    1. Jason imhoff. Walmart
    2. Aaron Snyder. Fed x ground
    3. Bill Roark ups small package

    Str truck
    1. Andrew tuck Fedex ground
    2. Howard friend. Pitt Ohio
    3. James friend. Pitt Ohio

    1. Scott Woodrome. Fedxfrt
    2. David peters. Martin brower
    3. Frank Boyer jr. ups small package

    Twins. 1.
    Jeff rose. YRC
    2. David Schroeder. Fedxfrt
    3. Brian petrovic Abf

    Grand champion. Scott Woodrome FedEx Freight.
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    KENTUCKY 2017 (names not yet available)

    1. FedEx Freight
    2. UPS Freight
    3. YRC

    1. UPS Freight
    2. Walmart
    3. FedEx Ground

    1. Walmart
    2. XPO Logistics
    3. FedEx Freight

    1. FedEx Freight
    2. Walmart
    3. Walmart

    5 Axle...
    1. FedEx Freight
    2. Walmart
    3. Walmart

    4 Axle...
    1. Walmart
    2. UPS Parcel
    3. FedEx Freight

    3 Axle..
    1. FedEx Freight
    2. FedEx Freight
    3. FedEx Freight

    1. UPS Parcel
    2. FedEx Ground
    3. Wamart

    Step Van...
    1. FedEx Freight
    2. UPS Parcel
    3. UPS Parcel
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    North Carolina Winners.

    Straight truck
    1- David Young- FedEx Freight.
    2- Nico Barham- Smithfield Foods,
    3- Harold Leonard- FedEx Ground.

    Step Van.
    1- Michael Bills- FedEx Express.
    2- Augustus Kern- FedEx Express.
    3- Robert Jarrell- FedEx Ground.

    1- Derek Macaulay- Walmart - Rookie Award
    2- Allen McNeely- ABF Freight.
    3- Timothy Danehy- CLI Transport.

    1- Brian Walker- UPS.
    2- William Goodson- FedEx Freight.
    3-James Honeycutt- Smithfield Hog Production

    Three Axle.
    1-David Rohman- FedEx Express.
    2-John Dyson- FedEx Freight.
    3- Christopher Serviss- Walmart.

    Four Axle.
    1- Gerald Cannan- UPS.
    2- Timothy Whitley- Old Dominion.
    3-Jackie Sit-down FedEx Express.

    Five Axle.
    1- Brian Akins- Old Dominion.
    2- Tony Talley- Old Dominion.
    3- Randy Davis- Harris Teeter.

    Sleeper Berth.
    1- Matthew Hall- FedEx Freight.
    2- Jimmy Whitley- FedEx Ground.
    3- Will Smith- William E. Smith Trucking.

    1- Steve Barbour- XPO logistics.
    2- James Helbert- UPS.
    3- Dave Pack- YRC.

    Grand Champion was David Rohman, which was 1st place winner in 3 axle.

    Best Pre-trip went to Matthew Hall-, the 1st place winner in Sleeper class
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    1. Rodney Cosper..UPS Freight 324
    2. Russell Cunningham...FedEx Freight 288
    3. Bobby Duke...Whitehead Corp ???

    1. Mike ????...Walmart 344 * (Tie) 4m50sec
    2. Martin McDonald...FedEx Freight 291
    3. Steven Pressley...AAA Cooper 254

    5 Axle...
    1. Cecil Salters..FedEx Freight 344 * (Tie) 4m05sec
    2. Mark Kniight...AAA Cooper 314
    3. William Radden...FedEx Freight 301

    1. William Bond...FedEx Freight 296 * (Tie) 3m07sec
    2. Rusty Holmes...UPS Freight 296 * (Tie) 3m46sec
    3. Alphonso Lewis...YRC 223

    1. Ross Garner...FedEx Freight 305
    2. Ryan Holmes...UPS Freight 304
    3. Kenny Lockhart...FedEx Freight 269

    4 Axle...
    1. Steve Fenton...Walmart 314
    2. Lamar Arthur...AAA Cooper 303
    3. Tony Johnson...UPS Freight 197

    3 Axle...
    1. Daniel Thompson...FedEx Freight 258
    2. David Parrish...AAA Cooper 175
    3. Larry Ored...AAA Cooper 173

    1. David Hall..(spelling?)...FedEx Freight 279
    2. Brian Bunt..(spelling?)...AAA Cooper 277
    3. Richard Pratt...FedEx Freight 265

    Step Van...
    1. Robert Davis..FedEx Freight 328
    2. Robert Ford...FedEx Freight 285
    3. Chase Norse...FedEx Express 230

    Pre-Trip Award...
    35 pts. out of 60...David Hall..FedEx Freight

    Rookie of the Year...
    257 pts. AAA Cooper...Brian Bunt

    Grand Champion....
    Cecil Salters...FedEx Freight 344
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    NH Results

    Straight Truck

    1st Place Steven Zajaceskowski AGNE
    2nd Place Patrick Osborn FedEx Express
    3rd Place Paul McNutt FedEx Express

    3 Axle

    1st Place Wayne McClellan Walmart Transportation
    2nd Place Robert Fair FedEx Freight

    4 Axle

    1st Place Neil Nogues YRC
    2nd Place Robert Farrell Ross Express
    3rd Place Brad Williams Walmart Transportation

    5 Axle

    1st Place Peter Borges FedEx Express
    2nd Place Martin Sowers AGNE
    3rd Place Dzemal Salihovic AGNE


    1st Place Christine Dyment Fort Mount Trucking
    2nd Place Daniel Hardy UPS Truckload
    3rd Place Shawn Cross FedEx Express


    1st Place Christopher Holmes Irving Oil
    2nd Place Stephen Murray WalMart Transportation
    3rd Place Michael Clancy Irving Oil


    1st Place Kerry Jenkins WalMart Transportation
    2nd Place Karl Ulrich Pleasant View Farms
    3rd Place Brian Lewis UPS Truckload


    1st Place Michael McMahon FedEx Freight
    2nd Place Paul Robichaud FedEx Express


    1st Place Charles Putnam FedEx Express
    2nd Place Zach St. Pierre FedEx Express

    Best Pre-Trip

    Wayne McClellan WalMart Transportation

    Best Written

    Peter Borges FedEx Express

    Rookie of the Year

    David Madore Irving Oil

    Grand Champion

    Neil Nogues YRC

    Team Trophy

    FedEx Express
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    Vermont Results

    Straight Truck

    1st Place Andre Raven FedEx Express
    2nd Place David Doucet FedEx Express

    3 Axle

    1st Place Chris Goddard FedEx Express
    2nd Place Jeremiah Jarvis FedEx Freight
    3rd Place Ernest Wood ABF Freight

    4 axle

    1st Place Jason Caron FedEx Freight
    2nd Place Mark Doucette ABF Freight
    3rd Place Alan Bachand XPO Logistics

    Flat Bed

    1st Place Chris Novak FedEx Express
    2nd Place Robert Weller FedEx Freight


    1st Place Paul Schofield Walmart Transportation
    2nd Place Troy Kilburn FedEx Freight


    1st Place Daryl Fowler FedEx Express
    2nd Place Charles Killian FedEx Express

    Best Pre-Trip AND Best Written Exam

    Andre Raven FedEx Express

    Rookie of the Year

    Mark Doucette ABF Freight

    Grand Champion

    Chris Goddard FedEx Express

    Team Trophy

    FedEx Express
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    Step Van -
    1st place Nick Roberts UPS Ground
    2nd Corey Jones UPS Ground
    3rd Rob Book FedEx Ground

    Straight Truck -
    1st place Brian Ford FedEx Freight
    2nd Dennis Schepers JET Transit
    3rd Tommy Nelson Meyer Distributing

    3 Axle -
    1st place Glen Kirk ODFL
    2nd Mike White WM Trans
    3rd Richard Templeton XPO

    4 Axle -
    Eric Fuqua FedEx Ground
    2nd Tony Burns FedEx Freight
    3rd John Kendall ODFL

    5 Axle -
    1st place Bruce Schwering FedEx Freight
    2nd Brian Herndon Fedex Freight
    3rd Dawn Cochran ODFL

    5 Axle Sleeper -
    1st place John Griswold XPO
    2nd Ron Marker WM Trans
    3rd Brian Kuhs JET Transit

    Flatbed -
    1st place Dennis Shirar WM Trans
    2nd Dave Critchfield ODFL
    3rd Nate Covert FedEx Freight

    Twins -
    1st place Willie Baylor FedEx Freight
    2nd Tim Crisenbery FedEx Freight
    3rd Karl Wilkerson FedEx Freight

    Tanker -
    1st place Phil Coffey WM Trans
    2nd Rick Goodman Grammer Industries
    3rd David Stout ODFL

    Pretrip -
    Darrel Underwood UPS Feeders

    Sportsmanship Award - Garland Ford Holland

    Team -
    JET Transit

    Himmel High Point Award -
    Glen Kirk ODFL

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    Sleeper Division

    1. Brian Ambrose - Alaska West Express

    2. Connor Tiplady - Carlile Transportation Systems

    3. Hans Berggren - Carlile Transportation Systems

    Flatbed Division

    1. Ryan Surimn - American Fast Freight

    2. William Krenz - Carlile Transportation Systems

    3. Randy Estrada - Lynden Transport

    5 Axle Division

    1. Edward Tuia - Alaska West Express

    2. Doug Longerbone - Lynden Transport

    3. Todd Wheeler - American Fast Freight

    3 Axle Division

    1. Denny Hawkins - American Fast Freight

    2. Muku Afusia - FedEx

    3. Russell Cronlund - SPAN Alaska

    Tanker Division

    1. Jack Sorensen - Lynden Transport

    2. Elena Moskalikova - Crowley Fuels

    3. Jeremiah Payne - American Fast Freight

    Step Van Division

    1. Ron Bernier - FedEx

    2. Victor Enriquez - FedEx

    3. Jerome De La Cruz - FedEx

    4 Axle Division

    1. Brand Hinkes - Carlile Transportation

    2. Alen Marshall - American Fast Freight

    3. Greg Jones - Goldend North Van Lines

    Straight Truck Division

    1. Rebecca Nelson - FedEx

    2. Doug Rickel - FedEx

    3. Kevin Debroute - Sourdough Express

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