Yellow | Yrcw Stock Update

Lets talk about something important, not the worthless stock. Did you read in the city about the plow operators staging a slowdown and targeting certain areas not to plow.
Even if they have a legitimate beef they just blew all credibility with the people. If you want to do that kind of thing, fine, but not in an emergency where lives could be put at risk. What would have happened if there was a major fire.
Still can't believe the people put up with that numbskull bloomballs to give himself a 3rd term by getting the city council to change the law.
Any bets on how much the city will have to pay out in the lawsuit coming over the kid that died because the ambulance couldn't get through.
Just the beginning with most states and a ton of municipalities on the verge of bankruptcy. Maybe yrc could make a comeback selling their on the edge of the cliff financial expertise!
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