FedEx Freight | Today’s announcement April 5

Night hub runs under 400 miles yes. 400 to 475 dock option. Not required but not pay for waiting. 476+ no dock and delay pay after 31 minutes on yard.
How long has that been going on?
They don't let you guys vote on anything like that, do they?
Got to remember depending on the location FXF has some very short road runs. CGX-MDW is 6 miles. Yea, that’s considered a road run lol. Plus there’s very few layover runs in the entire network.
Does Freight generate profit from ground using rail? Isn’t the containers tied into us one way or another?
Absolutely, and all the miles were “helped” them cover over our highly profitable period were pasted from Ground’s coffers. I’m really curious what the cost per mile was…
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OD, doesn’t. Driver’s are driver’s, dock is dock.
yeahhhhh understood. But we are also 100% Monday - Friday and we also get a bit more for drop and hook and we very rarely have lay downs. Again OD isn’t a bad gig AT ALL. But I’m just throwing a couple differences that FedEx offers..

also run out of a good hubs and you’ll get 5-600 mile runs easily

When I became a road driver out of my hub I didn’t have to touch a forklift and still haven’t.. every case is different